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Cosmos Guardian
 Posted: Mar 21 2017, 11:35 AM
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August 2014

  • ✽ An asteroid carrying alien flora - the Makai tree and the Kinesian blossom - lands on Earth.
  • ✽ The children of the Makai assume human identities to explore (and exploit) the planet.
  • ✽ Tokyo celebrates its summer matsuri, unaware of the new arrivals.
  • ✽ The Kinesian Blossom begins its pollination.
    • • School's out and the students are surprised to see the courtyard filled with...flowers? (Key Thread : After School Special! )

October 2014

  • ✽ New flowers begin to sprout, humans collect the "space flowers" as souvenirs. Unintentionally spreading more pollen. (Key Thread : In Bloom)
  • ✽ The pollen affects farm crops, causing slight alarm.
    • • Fundraising for farmers begin. One effort is a community play at Juuban Theatre. (Key Thread : A "Talented" Bunch)
  • ✽ The scientific community gathers at K.O University to discuss what many are called the "alien flower" and its affects on the environment.
    • • A prominent scientist falls ill at the conference. An enemy appears and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune awaken. (Key Thread : Global Alarming?)
  • ✽ It's a new school year and after school activities have begun. A popular student suddenly falls ill. A new enemy appears. (Key Thread : Every Rose Has Its Thorn)

December 2014

  • Winter doesn't kill the flower or its pollen, which increases public concern.
  • ✽ Professor Souichi Tomoe establishes the Mugen Research Academy starts research on the flower.
  • ✽ The pollen mixes in with the snow, resulting in energy draining pink snow.
  • ✽ Juuban District prepares for their fundraiser, a kabuki take on "The Frog Prince". .
  • ✽ The Kinesian Blossom attaches itself to the Makai tree, amplifying their respective abilities.

January 2015

  • Showtime! The charity performance for "The Frog Prince" opens to large crowd.
    • • The Makaiju seize the opportunity and attack the audience. Dozens of citizens are knocked unconscious and drained to the point of hospitalization.
    • The Inner senshi awaken and fight off the Makaiju.
    • ✽ Invigorated by the attack, the tree and flower start to grow out of control. It spreads like a contagion, making all plant-life aggressively grow.

ACT TWO: L'Épine

Events during Act Two take place during the 6-month time jump and are referenced here for information only.

February 2015

  • ✽ Pollination increases to the point of public danger. Tokyo officials act quickly to find a solution.
  • ✽ Hundreds become sick and weak from the increased pollen.
    • • Many of the affected go missing. Curfews are put in place.
  • ✽ Funding for the Mugen Academy sees a 300% increase. All experiment safety protocols are removed the the interest of eliminating the space flower.
    • • Mugen starts to accept students with a perfect grade point average and super intellect only.
    • • Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto become Mugen students and live on-campus.

March thru April 2015

  • Life is disrupted as plants start to obstruct streets, sidewalks, and public places.
  • ✽ Foreign countries place a travel ban on Tokyo to contain the pollination.
  • ✽ The government establishes the Camping District for families whose homes are within Pollination Zones.

April thru June 2015

  • In an effort to save itself, Earth calls upon the power of the SHITENNOU + GAIAN GUARDIANS. .
  • Food shortages due to ruined crops. Strict rationing within Camping Districts.
  • Spring weather becomes the norm, despite it being closer to summer. Meteorologist are stumped.
  • No public transportation.
  • ✽ School and work hours are halved.
  • ✽ Hospitals and clinics are overcrowded. Mortality rate rises.

ACT THREE: Éternel Spring

July 2015 - Current IC Month

  • ✽ Tokyo enters what is known as "Eternal Spring".
  • ✽ Shiba District becomes a Pollination Zone.
    • • All public facilities are closed or limited except school and essential jobs.
    • Television broadcasting interrupted daily. Radio broadcast continue.

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