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Himeko Ayano


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May 2 2017, 01:26 AM
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Mar 24 2017, 11:29 PM
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<h3>18 . company chairman + fashion designer . humans</h3>
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the princess who would be queen. In her past life, Himeko was known as the infamous Cassandra Olette, Seamstress and the princess of the Dead Moon. Today she's found herself suddenly thrown into power once more as the chariman of Ayano International, a multi-department company known for its luxury products. Her father having fallen ill to the pollen and left in a comatose state has left the teenager the sole heir of a multi-million dollar estate. The teenager is finding an odd amount of solace in her new status, as though something within her is beginning to awaken...<p>


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Himeko doesn't have friends, at least none she'd consider "friends". She merely has allies. Himeko is polite and courteous, almost to a fault, an icy heart hidden behind a charming exterior. To most people, they just see a nice, polite young lady. But anyone whom does somehow manage to recieve her trust will find the difference startling. They'll see her turbulence, her insecurity and longing, her cunning manipulation, every dark and less-than-beautiful part about her. Those people who still stay with her despite that? She'll cling to desperately, she'll be fiercly loyal and protect them no matter what. Even with all the bad, they'll also get to see her softer, kinder side as well.<p>
Despite what some may think, Himeko doesn't go out of her way to make enemies either. She finds it pointless and a waste of time, they always just get in the way of her goals. More than likely, these people are those who've seen through her ruse, who hate her because of her background or just Himeko herself. She's a manipulative thing and a lot of people don't appreciate being treated like a disposable pawn. Maybe she hurt them in her past life, maybe it was her current incarnation. Who knows? Himeko still has chaos lying dormant in her blood. If someone becomes the personal target of Himeko's wrath? Watch out. Your clothes might try to strangle you.
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Dec 18 2016, 12:19 AM
One of the largest ballrooms in Japan was filled to the brim with swirling gowns, champagne and wine in glittering crystal glasses, waiters weaving through with various hors d'oeuvres. The Ayano Charity ball was an tradition, each year more extravagant and glamorous than the last. A means for her parents to gain a good reputation among society's upper crust and to show off their daughter to any potential suitors. Himeko found the whole thing to be rather dull, full of stuffy businessmen eyeing her like a prize to be won for their sons or even for themselves. A night full of being on her best behavior, forced smiles and idle talk of politics, business, and high class excess.

If she recalled, this year's cause was funding some new research institute to study the strange phenomena happening globally. The pollen and the pink snow and the strange effects they had on people. Even here, where it was somewhat dull to begin with, but the people at least feigned their investment, people seemed somewhat lethargic. The School was being run by a...Professor Tomoe. News of his school had quickly been spreading among Japan's elite, many of her family's associates eager to attempt to get their child in. Surely, such a prestigious place with such limited spots would look beautiful listed in their family credentials. Either way, the room was crowded more than normal with people attempting to worm their children into Mugen Gakuen's student body with lofty donations. It was a rather brilliant strategic move on her parents part. The rose haired teen had the sinking feeling that was one of the reasons behind this year's cause. Perhaps her parents though they could bribe Tomoe into giving her a position in their roster.

The strange thing about this year was that the invitation had not only been limited to Japan's upper crust, but expanded to numerous households with children of age to attend Mugen Gakuen. Something about, finding "diamonds in the rough". But Himeko knew it was most likely in an attempt to make their children look better in comparison to the "norm". She found it rather pathetic to stoop to such things to cover up the shortcomings of their child.

Himeko stood off to the side, occasionally acknowledging associates of her father with polite greetings and brief small talk. While she did not enjoy the people who frequented these events, she had to appreciate the beautiful gowns and clothes that they wore. All name designers flown in from Paris, Milan, or New York. With the exception of Himeko herself, but that was because the name on the tag was her own. Dressed in a crimson gown, accented with swirling silver embroidery and decals, her rose toned hair falling in gentle curls down her back. She supposed there was at least one benefit to tonight, but it didn't quite make up for the overwhelming apathy filling her heart. What was Takeshi doing, she wondered....
Oct 28 2016, 12:35 AM
So....totally forgot to do one of these, but better late than never! So, I'm Kayla! I'm currently 19 years old and a college sophmore majoring in Psychology.

Lets seeeeee.....Obviously I love Sailor Moon and writing, if I didn't, I'm definitely in the wrong place. Other than that, I love sci-fin, fantasy, and all things magical girl. I speak Japanese at a conversational level. I own four dogs.oh and I love food?

My current roster includes Himeko Ayano (formerly known as Cassandra Olette)! And Inhave more to come!

Annyyywayyyss, I'm pretty chatty with a tendency to ramble, so if you ever want anyone to nerd out with, I'm your girl
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