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Ami Mizuno

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Jun 12 2017, 09:02 AM
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<h3>☿ . 15 . student . senshi . sailor mercury . ☿</h3>
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Ami has always been a bit of an outcast in her own way. Being smart often made her the butt of jokes, or simply isolated because people thought she was a snob, so Ami got into the habit of being on her own until recently. The threads of fate brought her to Usagi and the other girls to save the world, and since awakening as Sailor Mercury, Ami intends to do just that. While her intelligence and more reserved nature remains, Ami has started opening herself up more to people and her caring nature has perhaps never been more on display. She elected to forgo staying at Mugen Academy to help her mother, and the people of the camp district they live in, while researching everything she can about the Makaiju. Despite the dire surroundings, Ami remains ever the optimist, however it is tempered more by a dose of realism which makes her an interesting opinion on the state of things.


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Although she has never been outgoing, Ami is a friendly person. Unfortunately her reputation often preceded her, and people were intimidated by the girl. She spent a long time closed off but has since made some real friends for the first time in years. Ami is helpful and optimistic, even towards strangers, so she's really not that hard to get on with. Unfortunately she does dislike conflict, especially among friends, so she can always be relied upon to be a neutral party. <p>
There are always those who would have believed those rumors of her being a snob, or just dont like getting bested on an exam. Ami wouldn't consider them enemies, but she's certainly not keen to hang around those negative influences. The Makaiju, Kisenian Blossom and their allies probably fall here, though Ami doesn't really know enough about them to label them as anything else for now. Otherwise, people who are just rude without cause, or hurt her friends and family will find themselves on her bad side.
Everyone is in a world they didn't expect, and with that will always come unexpected meetings. Ami is no different and she's liable to meet all kinds of people she may not have before. So come and plot with her!



Jun 12 2017, 02:16 AM
Sometimes the graphic muse just strikes and well, things like this happen. So I figured I'd post them since I know some people expressed interest and if anyone wants to use these, go ahead!

[dohtml]<center><img src="http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk216/SailorSalamander_2008/SS/Avi1_zps3vygcsny.gif" width="200px" />

<img src="http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk216/SailorSalamander_2008/SS/Mars_zpst9m0o8w5.gif" width="200px" /> <br>

<img src="http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk216/SailorSalamander_2008/SS/Jupiter_zps33uxvz3b.gif" width="200px" />

<img src="http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk216/SailorSalamander_2008/SS/Venus_zpsy1gxgwlj.gif" width="200px" />

Jun 9 2017, 12:04 AM

<br><center><div style="background-color: #fff; padding: 10px; width: 500px; border: #eee solid 1px;">

<div class="apptitle">Ami Mizuno</div>

<div style="margin-left: -3px;"><table><tr><td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="width: 180px; height: 190px; background-image: url(http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk216/SailorSalamander_2008/SS/App_zpsa4jjf5fc.gif); background-size: cover;"></div></a></div> </td>

<td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="background-color: #fff; border: #eee solid 1px; padding: 10px; width: 254px; height: 168px; overflow: auto; line-height: 100%; font-size: 7px;" class="app">

<div class="appfields1">AMES, BRAINIAC, SAILOR MERCURY</div>

<div class="appfields2">15</div>

<div class="appfields2">SEPTEMBER 10TH (VIRGO)</div>

<div class="appfields2">STUDENT</div>

<div class="appfields2">INNER SENSHI</div>

<div class="appfields2">AMI MIZUNO (SAILOR MOON)</div>

</div> </div></td></tr>


<div class="apptitle">POWERS / ABILITIES </div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app"> <P>
<LI>• i. Mercury Computer & Visor <p>

By touching her right earring, Ami can activate a visor that covers her eyes and allows her to scan her surroundings and provides a readout on the display. It allows her the ability to scan not only her environment, but also other beings and identify weak points and injuries. It can also assist Ami in planning trajectories and calculating force require to accomplish certain tasks. The Visor works in tandem with her Compact Computer, a highly advanced super computer capable of the same calculations as the visor, and more complex ones given the time. It is also able to scan objects and people and allows Ami to examine their properties and composition, something that is proving very useful against the pollination so far. Ami is also able to use the computer to create programs and algorithms which can be used to calculate things, or even track events and trends. Most of these features are dependent on Ami's ability to focus on them at any given time and her own intelligence.<p></LI>
<LI> ii. Aqua Mist <p>

Summoning a bubble within her hands, Ami will pour energy into it, making it harden, until finally she releases it. This causes the bubble to explode and send out a mist that is thick enough to coat an entire field and obscure not only herself, but others as well. The other Planetary Guardians have the ability to see clearly in the fog and are immune to its effects. This mist also drastically lowers the temperature of the air within it, however not to the point of freezing, and can cause chills and shivering in enemies. <p></LI>
<LI>• iii. Shine Aqua Illusion <p>

This is Ami's first truly offensive attack. With it she can draw forth a thick stream of water and propel it at her enemies with great force and speed. Although it is not solid, the water can hit with enough force to knock someone unconscious, if not propel them a good distance away from her. It is only a single stream however so it can be dodged, and Ami doesn't have the ability to change it's trajectory once she has released it. </LI>

<div class="apptitle">PERSONALITY & GOALS</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
Much like her former self, one of Ami's most defining traits is her intelligence. Once it was expected, now declarations of her being a genius is an something that has caused the girl much discomfort in her life. Ami loves to learn and has a passion for knowledge that causes her to strive and better herself. Intellectual pursuits come easy to Ami, but she has also learned that hard work and determination are the foundation for what those pursuits allow one to do. That is not to say Ami is only filled with book smarts however. She may be a bookworm but she is still passingly aware of popular culture and finds a guilty pleasure in trashy romance novels, which she will vehemently deny with every fiber of her being, especially if Mina finds them. <p>

Despite her intelligence playing a large role in the way Ami lives her life, she is not simply dictated by it. She is not an emotionless robot ruled by logic and reason. Ami is actually quite shy, but given the expectations she is trying to satisfy both for herself and those she perceives her mother has, she can come across as hyper-focused to the point of rudeness. This has led to some accusing her of simply being a snob, and like most rumors, it always spread like wildfire; to the point where many simply expect she will snob them upon meeting her and it upsets Ami greatly, though she is careful to keep that hidden. <p>

Having very few friends growing up, and always being at the mercy of her own expectations has led Ami to being reserved and hesitant to share her true feelings on things. Often she believes it will lead to mocking, or conflict, or someone using it against her, and above all, Ami is sensitive to those things. She hides it well but she feels quite deeply, especially for those she cares for. It takes a lot to get Ami to open up, but once she has, one would find a warm, caring girl who simply wants to make those she cares for proud. To those who know her well and manage to break down the barriers Ami has erected around herself, she is a very kind and gentle young woman. <p>

She has a great dislike of conflict and is actually quite conscientious. Ami will often take people’s feelings into account on a matter before she will take her own. Because of this, and her own aversion to conflict, Ami will often attempt to diffuse tense or hostile situations before they have a chance to escalate, whether it is through mediation or simply getting physically between the two parties. She is a peacemaker and dislikes fighting, especially among those she knows well. Nothing is worse for Ami than feeling like she can’t choose a side without hurting someone and that is why most often she will simply remain neutral, even when it would be in everyone’s best interest for her to voice her opinions. Ami feels an intense amount of gratitude towards those she considers friends, knowing how rare a thing they are and thus she would go to the ends of the Earth for them if it was needed. <p>

Since discovering her power as Sailor Mercury, little of Ami's core has changed, and if anything, she has accepted the role with a surety that is almost enviable. Ami knows this is what she was born for, and she's taken to it wholeheartedly. She still feels uncertainty and questions her own abilities to protect, but she won't give up, and she plans to use every inch of her so called genius IQ to figure out whats happening to the world and how best to overcome it. And when that's all said and done, because they will figure this out, she will become a doctor just like her mother and continue to help the world.

<div class="apptitle">HISTORY</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
As the only child born to the King and Queen of Mercury, there was a lot of expectation placed upon Amelia before she was even aware of such things. Not only as the heir to her planet, but for the power that had taken residence within the girl; for Amelia was not only to be the princess of Mercury, but the planets Guardian as well. Over many years, she grew intelligent and wise under the tutelage of her parents and people, though she was not without her insecurities created by those very same expectations, and all Amelia desired was to make them all proud. When Queen Selene of the White Moon came and brought with her the weight that Amelia's role as a Planetary Guardian really held, she was set upon a path that Mia had no capability of foreseeing. In her own way, she found a new family on the Moon and friends who accepted her shortcomings and helped her to find confidence in her own strengths. A family she could not save when the Dead Moon came and destroyed everything they fought to protect. She could not protect them, could not see the pieces moving until the board was stacked against them, and Amelia perished with anguish engulfing her soul, and a vow that she would never allow such things to happen again. <p>

Thousands of years later, Ami's birth mirrored that of her previous life. She was the only child born to her parents, however instead of a loving, united front, Ami was supposed to be the patch that healed them. Unfortunately that was one expectation Ami could never have satisfied. She was very young when her parents divorced and Ami remained with her mother. Saeko Mizuno claimed that her father was too free a spirit to stay in one place long enough to raise a child, thus she took custody of her daughter. It became apparent early on that Ami was advanced for her age. She topped her tests in school, was reading at an advanced level and demonstrated an understanding of topics that surprised most adults and, as is the way with such success, people began to simply expect it of her. Ami didn't think anything of those expectations at first, and even came to enjoy the pride associated with her success, but it was as she began to get a little older that she realized the drawbacks of doing well. Not only was she faced with school children who didn't like getting beaten, or simply didn't like that she did well period, but even some of her teachers looked at her strange. <p>

Children could be harsh in their own way, and Ami began to notice those she'd considered friends began to thin until one of her best friends flat out told the girl she was uninvited to her birthday party because nobody wanted a know-it-all around. Despite her brains, Ami at first didn't understand and her mother struggled to explain that sometimes being different caused people to be mean. Ami didn't think she was different, but what could she do about it? She didn't like fighting, and she did have her mind, but that wasn't much use when a girl decided to push her into the mud. She'd always tried to be nice to everyone, and even now, that was what she did, but apparently even that wasn't right, because soon she was being taunted with accusations of being a snob, or thinking she was better than them. Ami began to withdraw into herself at this point as she realized that nothing she could say or do would make it any better. So she did what she did best and focused on her studies. <p>

Life continued rather simply for Ami and her mother. Every year on her birthday, a card and letter would appear, signed by her father, but with no return address, and Ami would remember the man she only knew through words and photos. Her mother was her idol, which began as Ami came to see her and heard the stories of how she'd saved lives as a doctor, and it was sitting in the staff room of the hospital that she made up her mind. She was going to be a doctor, just like her mother. With a clear path in mind for her future, Ami continued to excel at school until it finally came time for her to enter Junior High School. Originally her mother wished to send her to a private school, as she had been all her life, like T A Academy but when it became apparent that Ami didn't quite fit their requirements, she instead talked her mother into letting her attend public school. It would be a new experience for Ami and, as she reminded her mother, people would be the same no matter where she went. At least this way, she could learn to deal with the real world as she would have to as a doctor. Unable to refute her logic, Saeko agreed and Ami was enrolled at Juuban Junior High. Although her intelligence continued to set her apart, Ami found a strange comfort in how people treated her. She hadn't expected them to change, and they hadn't disappointed. So she continued to eat her lunch alone, or in one of the computer labs, and she was content for the most part. <p>

Then came the day she met Usagi. Whether Ami realized it or not, everything changed that day, and in hindsight, despite the horrible future awaiting them, she was happy for it. Usagi was a bright ball of sunshine and Ami couldn't help liking the light she shone into the isolated corners of her world. Slowly she began to open herself up again, first with Usagi and then with a select few others that gravitated into her world, and Ami had friends for the first time in years. Perhaps it was that which stopped her putting the pieces together, that made her realize something was going horribly wrong with the space flowers until it was too late. Given her intelligence, it was only a matter of time before Mugen Academy came knocking on her door. Her mother had the money, and she had the brains; Mugen Academy should have been a perfect fit. So she went through a trial enrollment at her mothers urging, but the universe seemed to have other plans. Or rather, beings from the outer universe did. <p>

The play she'd gone to support her friends at was attacked, and in the midst of the chaos, Ami awoke as the former Planetary Guardian, Sailor Mercury. She was surprised to find her friends were the same, that they had been drawn to one another for a greater reason, and Ami was relieved. Their bond went deeper than simple friendship. Despite their initial victory that day, the pollen had taken hold and the plants began to grow at a rapid pace; faster than anyone thought possible, and suddenly Tokyo was under siege. Curfews began as people grew sick and weak, and Ami watched her mother struggle to keep up with it all. Their doctors and hospitals were inundated, filled with cases nobody could explain or even begin to know how to help, and Ami was more determined than ever to find out how to stop it all. She wasn't just a student any more, she had a responsibility as one of Earth's protectors and she wouldn't fail. Initially she had planned to leave Mugen; it seemed better to stay with the others if they were going to fight this, but eventually she stayed. Mugen had facilities she could use and they were looking for the same answers Ami was. It only seemed like the smart thing to do. <p>

Her mother wanted her to stay at the Academy, to be safe and healthy even if she couldn't turn her back on people that needed help, but Ami refused. She wouldn't leave her mother alone, and she knew how strict Mugen was. Disappearing in the middle of the night or the like to help the girls would be too hard to explain away. So Ami makes do in one of the camping districts, helping her mother when she can, as well as the camps, and carefully logs anything and everything she can learn about the alien invaders. One day she'll know enough to be able to stop them. Ami won't let herself believe otherwise.</div></div>

<div class="apptitle">SAMPLE WRITING</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
When Ami had first attended Mugen Academy, she'd been unsure what to expect. They said she'd be surrounded by like minds, others who excelled and were considered academically gifted, but she hadn't been able to determine if that was a good or bad thing at the time. Everyone knew the school had been established to research this space flower and pollen phenomenon, and now that seemed to be more important than ever. Still... perhaps it was the lack of her friends that had made it seem so different. Less inviting. Everything was less inviting nowadays though, so Ami figured that was an unfair assessment to make. Many people had their hopes pinned on the school, but most of them weren't like Ami; didn't know the things she knew. <p>

Their science could be useful and tell her things before she could figure it out herself, but she couldn't help thinking that stopping this infestation was going to take a more direct approach than a research facility could offer. A more direct, violent approach, Ami was loathe to admit. Their enemy had faces, bodies, soldiers Ami supposed they could be called, and that was where she was afraid that science simply wasn't enough. <p>

”Girl help me with this!” The shout to Ami's side caused her to jump, pulling her from the scribbling she'd been doing in her notebook while her mind wandered. Looking over, she found an older man attempting to carry a couple of crates alone and it didn't take a genius to see the one on top was about to go toppling off. Springing up from the seat outside her building, Ami hurried over in time to steady it before she took the crate into her own arms. It wasn't as heavy as she expected it to be, but then with the training she'd been attempting to do, Ami had found her stamina and strength was slowly increasing. The man let out a relieved sigh. ”Thank you.” <p>

”You're welcome,” Ami replied automatically. ”Where are you headed?” The man gestured with his full hands to the communal dining area before he began to head off in that direction again. Ami fell into step just behind him. She figured the crate was carrying cutlery or bowls or some such thing given the slight clinking she could hear inside with each step. Eventually they arrived and she deposited the crate atop the one the man put down first before dusting off her hands. It was at that moment she then remembered the notebook she'd set aside in her haste. The notebook she had most of her conclusions and information regarding the Makaiju jotted down in, written in code but that wasn't the point, and she'd left it sitting on a bench. <p>

Offering her apologies, Ami hurried from the building and back towards her own to find the notebook exactly where she'd left it, much to her relief. She snatched it up with a cautious look around her before darting inside, making a mental note to be more careful next time. </div>

<div class="apptitle3" style="margin-top: 3px;">*LOONY, 24, AEST (+10), PM, PREVIOUS MEMBER </div></div></div></div>

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