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May 28 2017, 07:37 PM
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<h1>Jin Sakurai</h1>

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<h3>17 . Student / Protector . Gaian</h3>
<hr />
In his last life, Jin was known as Citrine and he was a low ranking Gaian who did his best to answer the call of action when he could for fame. Now an energetic young man with a strong moral compass to guide him, Jin often finds himself doing his best to uphold all that is good and right. Jin has no clue of what life he used to have and only believes himself a normal human that happens to be a be kinda tough. With the disaster that is troubling Tokyo, Jin has dedicated himself to helping out however he can with his set of skills, although he mostly participates in community work. He vows to try helping everyone make it through this crisis with all his heart.<p>


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Jin hasn't really ever been very popular but he did have a small group of friends who managed to see him as more than "that weird judo kid" before Japan was stuck in the Eternal Spring it faces now. Unfortunately he hasn't had much time for them come the problems sweeping Japan, though he's always happy to forge new bonds when he can still, albeit he simply has a lot less time to enjoy for himself. <p>
Jin, despite being a reborn Gaian, has no real known enemies other than those who might cause problems for the good citizens of his city. For right now though this only includes wannabe gangsters starting trouble for good citizens, but it's possible he could be targeted by those who find out his past life. Despite holding a fierce stand against anything he views as bad, he is always willing to be somewhat sympathetic for troublemakers and hopes he can help them reform when possible. Even if the odds are stacked against him in some cases, Jin is never one to step away from helping someone (yes, even a villain) who is being wrongly treated.
As Jin isn't very famous or known for excellence, most probably wouldn't have a clue who he was. He's often volunteered his help at his father's dojo back when it still taught classes, but among the students were typically only small kids who probably wouldn't know him very well. Other than that, he had a minor reputation in middle and high school as a judo fanatic much to his dismay as he had other interests. The other exception is people may have heard of him in passing as the boy who is trying to improve conditions at different camps, albeit he hasn't been able to do much yet.



May 28 2017, 12:01 PM
Heya folks. I'm the one you know as Tar. I've also gone by names like Dyn, Kim, and a few others back a while ago. I just recently got accepted so I hope I'll get to interact with you all at some point. I've been RPing for a little bit and I always enjoy meeting new people who I hope can work with me to craft truly epic stories.

When I'm not roleplaying, I'm usually conversing with people over various subjects or playing games. I read books as well as comics/manga/manhwa and most often enjoy either mystery or horror genres, although for manga/manhwa I also have a soft spot for martial arts themed tales. My games tend to vary from crime solving (Phoenix Wright, Danganronpa) to shooters (Halo, Titanfall) to MMOs (FFXIV).

Overall, I try to be a social person that people can talk to. I have a discord if people want to ask for it. I like making bad jokes and jokes at my expense. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.
May 26 2017, 06:29 PM

<br><center><div style="background-color: #fff; padding: 10px; width: 500px; border: #eee solid 1px;">

<div class="apptitle">Jin Sakurai</div>

<div style="margin-left: -3px;"><table><tr><td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="width: 180px; height: 190px; background-image: url(http://i.imgur.com/0ejd655.png); background-size: cover;"></div></a></div> </td>

<td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="background-color: #fff; border: #eee solid 1px; padding: 10px; width: 254px; height: 168px; overflow: auto; line-height: 100%; font-size: 7px;" class="app">

<div class="appfields1">Citrine (Before rebirth) </div>

<div class="appfields2">17</div>

<div class="appfields2">December 24th (Capricorn)</div>

<div class="appfields2">Street Protector, Reborn Gaian</div>

<div class="appfields2">Neutral </div>

<div class="appfields2">Zenkichi Hitoyoshi (Medaka Box)</div>

</div> </div></td></tr>


<div class="apptitle">POWERS / ABILITIES </div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
<LI>Enhanced Martial Combat - The capability of incredible levels of martial arts combat. His blows hit harder whilst allowing his reaction time to benefit as well, his mind seeming to always plan for the next attack before he's finished acting out his current one. </LI>
<LI>Improved Endurance - Simply put, Jin is the kind of guy where he just keeps getting up when he's knocked down or keeps pushing when his body tells him to stop. He refuses to give up on challenges and he pushes himself to either succeed or fail when he no longer can act. </LI>
<LI>Acoustokinesis - The creation of dangerous sound waves within Jin's body. By focusing within, Jin can turn his own voice into a dangerous weapon by shooting compressed waves of sound with powerful shouts. These shouts often have a visible outline of gold tinted magic around them, allowing them to be seen. He has yet to discover this ability yet. </LI>

<div class="apptitle">PERSONALITY & GOALS</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
To call Jin a bit prideful is a definite understatement. Whilst in his last life he cared immensely about people accepting him as a hero, in his current form he now feels compelled to play the role whether he likes it or not. Often times, he is trying to just get a laugh when he can and stay positive. When it comes to people committing crimes or hurting innocents though, Jin gets just a bit more than ticked off. He is the type of person who refuses to back down from helping those in need, willing to do whatever he can to help those who cannot help themselves, a remnant of how he used to be as Citrine.<P>
One noticeable thing about Jin is he usually feels he must be serious when there is danger about, almost unrecognizable from the usual jokester guy he tries to come off as. Although for the most part, his joker persona is seen as lame by just about everyone but himself who thinks himself pretty cool. Ever since he began trying to actively improve the community around his home, he has felt a deep sense of responsibility he is unsure if he can handle. It is a bit scary for him to think that people depend on him when he sees himself as fairly powerless to do much against the plants messing with his home or unable to stop the spread of crime. Ever still, he persists in trying to help when he can as he believes being stagnant would be just as bad as supporting the things he is fighting against.<P>
At his core, Jin deeply cares about other people even if he may seem to have them think otherwise. He tries his best to keep spirits high when times are good, but he can often have trouble handling his own emotions when times are worse. Often he is trying to help where he can and while he may find himself frustrated or annoyed by the people he helps, he refuses to stop as long as he believes he is doing right. He is often brash and hotheaded in his actions, sometimes leading to him landing in some trouble. More than anything though, he is stubborn and will not give in to anything he believes wrong or which he cannot accept. <P>
As of now, he has yet to awaken and remember who he once was, though every now and then he gets those urges from who he was before and cannot help but act on them.

<div class="apptitle">HISTORY</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
A member of the Gaians from a time long since passed, Citrine was a low ranking Gaian who often spent his time trying to convince everyone he'd be a venerated hero one day. He was more than happy to lend his strength to noble causes and relished in whatever affection he might receive in turn. In his time, he would often throw himself at whatever trouble might appear to try impressing both his peers and anyone else he could get to watch in hopes of attaining praise. More than anything, he wanted to be a hero loved and revered by all including the nobility he would loyally lay his life down for.. <P>
Often times however, he was left dissatisfied. Citrine had managed to attain a small group of people who would praise him for his actions, but he only longed for a real danger to appear instead of small troubles like rampant wildlife. He wanted nothing more than to live out the childish fantasies in his head of vanquishing an evil and being hailed as a hero to all. Instead, he began to grow hopeless and was resigned to waiting for the day when he would finally get his chance. A day that would never come as The Silver Millennium would come to an end as would his time. He fought valiantly with his fellow Gaians, but ultimately perished before he could do anything of real renown. His last thoughts were cursing himself for not being able to be hailed a savior like he dreamed of.<P>
It wouldn't be until a thousand years later when he would return to his world as a young boy, reborn as Jin Sakurai. He never really got to meet his mother as she passed away from illness before he could remember, but his father was always there to see him taken care of. At the time, his father ran a small dojo in the city that was more or less successful. As soon as he was old enough to walk, Jin began training there under his father's ever watchful eye in hopes that one day he might take over and run it. Jin was happy to do what he could in order to try winning his father's affections and trained frequently to try honing his ability.<P>
Years later, Jin worked hard to maintain his training with his high school life. He often juggled the two as best he could, but he began to grow uncertain whether he would want to eventually follow his father's footsteps or perhaps try to get into a good university to get a real career. Jin knew the old ways were kinda dying and nowadays it would be hard to get by without stable income. <P>
Soon though, he wouldn't have the choice. As his home of Tokyo was ravaged by all the overgrown plant life, Jin could only watch as people seemed unable to really do anything. Even worse, some people seemingly abandoned their reason and began to loot places of their necessities and valuables. The sight of ransacked homes and stores made Jin's blood boil daily before long people were coming to do the same to his own home while he was away in search of food. When Jin returned home, he learned his father had been injured fighting off a bunch of hoodlums.<P>
Despite Jin's pleas, his father would not allow himself to abandon the dojo he and Jin's mother had built from the ground up in favor of the safer camping areas. Now as his father recovers from his injuries, Jin must do what he can to provide for them and keep them safe. He's taken to trying to help out the local community in exchange for much needed supplies for himself and his father.<P>
As of recently, Jin has often found himself struggling between these near obsessive urges to catch criminals on the streets and just maintain an ordinary life. He has no idea about who he was before, but every now and then he got this urge to try playing hero, knowing he has the training meant to protect people from small time thugs. Still, he couldn't help but wonder if maybe he has another calling.

<div class="apptitle">SAMPLE WRITING</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
With the sun had already risen high into the sky and school dismissed early as usual, Jin let out a groan as he made his way through the ruined streets of a once great city. Ever since Tokyo had been plagued by whatever weird plant decided to take root, life had changed for the worse. Between having to keep on the lookout for dangerous people and the even more dangerous pollen which could be filling in his lungs right now for all he really knew, he was a bit tense. <P>
There was always something he had to be wary of now and never being able to just drop his guard was wearing on Jin. On most of these days, nothing happened and he could get home safely. On more rare days though, he seemed to find himself drawn to trouble. <P>
Jin had a lingering feeling that this was going to be a more rare day. Pacing through the streets with his bag lazily hung over his shoulder, he seemed to be focused on just getting home. That was until he heard a loud clang ring out from the alleyway he just passed, prompting him to stop and glance back over his shoulder. <P>
For a few moments, there was only silence until suddenly a woman's voice could be heard screaming out as a crashing noise came down. Overcome by both curiosity and worry, Jin quickly spun on his heel and rushed back to look down the alley. There he was greeted by the sight of an older woman probably in her mid-twenties clutching her shoulder whilst sobbing, a large chunk of concrete sitting beside her.<P>
It was then Jin heard a startling cracking noise and looked up. His eyes came to rest on the side of a building where a bit of overgrown flora had nestled and the building seemed to strain to hold itself up. It wouldn't last long. He quickly turned his gaze to the woman, shaking a bit. "Hey lady!" he yelled out with obvious concern in his tone,
"You need to pick yourself up and move now!"<P>
But it was no use. She seemed to refuse to move as the cracks on the building seemed to grow larger and more extreme with each moment. He was at a loss for what to do. He could call emergency services but even if the roads were a trouble already, they probably wouldn't make it with the rate the building was falling apart.<P>
He didn't want to get involved, but the idea of refusing to act made him feel sick with himself. Clenching his fists, he muttered a quick prayer to whatever might listen before rushing into the alleyway towards the woman. He felt scared, but also a strange sense of determination pushing him to keep going as he rushes to grab the woman. After a few seconds, he found his arms under her as he seemed to effortlessly lift her petite frame. <P>
If it was a TV show, most girls might've thought the scene looked romantic. If it was a movie, guys might had thought Jin looked like a cool hero. All Jin was thinking about was not wanting to get himself or the woman killed. Turning back the way he came, he quickly began to rush forward as he felt a mix of dust and small pieces of rubble fall onto him. His breaths became sharp as he knew he had to cover that last stretch in a moment or he might end up crushed. Summoning all his strength in his legs, he quickly threw himself towards the sidewalk whilst somewhat turning to land on his back. It would only be a second later he'd make contact with the hard cement,
skidding across onto the road before making his gradual stop, the loud crashing of the building collapsing filling the air along with his loud huffs.<P>
Jin felt like his heart was going to explode, but he forced himself to sit up, grunting as his fingers felt a bit numb. Without realizing, he'd been squeezing the poor woman a bit harder than he meant to while he shook in place. "Erm, l-lady? You're okay, r-right?" he questioned as he looked to her for an answer, concern once more being at the forefront of his mind as he checked her over for any bruises or cuts he might've caused. But sure enough, there was nothing there.<P>
In a meek tone, she gave him his answer. "Y-Yes. I-I'm okay." she said quietly as she seemed to shake as well, both of them startled by what just happened. It took a moment before Jin could give a light nod, looking around a bit before going to let out a sigh. "Erm, you m-must be hurting still. I think there's a place nearby that t-treats that so. . . Erm, let's go there!" he said somewhat demandingly before he began to pace quickly to one of those camps he had heard of nearby.<P>
As the two made the trip in awkward silence, Jin tried to think of what he could say to diffuse the weird air around them. He managed to think of something, but they had already arrived by the time he thought of the words to break the tension. With multiple people coming out to meet them as they noticed the injured bystander the young man was delivering, Jin finally handed her off and turned to go back the way he came, grumbling over how much of a dork he must've looked like.<P>
"Hey! T-Thank you. . . Erm, for saving me!" Jin heard from behind as he came to a stop, glancing back at the woman with a bit of surprise before a bit of rose tinted his cheeks. He hadn't expected the sudden appreciation and it made him feel a bit warm if not embarrassed. Looking around a moment to confirm he was indeed being referred to, he gave her a quick nod as he tried to think of something cool he could say.<P>
"You too!" he spoke with a grin, Jin giving the woman a thumbs up. For a moment, time seemed to stop around him before his words dawned on him. He never felt more stupid in his life. Not waiting to be laughed at, he quickly spun back around and began to rush off. Rushing off in hopes of beating curfew, Jin began to knock on the side of his head with a few, scolding himself for being so dumb whilst completely unaware that his words managed to receive a small smile from the woman.

<div class="apptitle3" style="margin-top: 3px;">*Tar, 20, CST, Discord/PM (Ask for Discord), Carmen.* </div></div></div></div>

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