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Setsuna Meiou

Outer Senshi

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May 15 2017, 10:07 PM
Tall strappy black heels tapped against the marble floors as she walked through one of the main entrance corridors of Mugen Research Academy. The space was monumental, large pillars adorned the hallways, floor to ceiling windows, it was an architectural monument. It was hard to imagine the infestation was happening just beyond its borders.

Dressed with a short black pencil skirt, flowy lavender strapless top and covered with a long white, open lab coat, Setsuna expertly navigated her way through the hallway full of faculty and students.

Her silhouette unmistakable in the crowd. Similar to that of an Amazonian goddess, she stood taller than most women ( the fact she could always be found in heals never helped) Her darkened skin tone a stark contrast to many around her. Setsuna's very essence was eutherial, the blood of Chrono's pulsating through her veins.

Most were intimidated by her presence and kept their distance, Setsuna was okay with this. A solitary life was one she lead. She cursed under her breath, she knew her rendezvous with the other Outer Senshi a few nights before was more for her own selfish action then helping.

Had she exposed herself to soon the others?

Had her actions altered their course?

Caught in a never ended battle within herself, every action could have a positive or negative reaction. She wasn’t here to change the course of others, or change the outcome of what was to happen. No matter what time always had a way of resetting itself, what will be will be.

Her stride was met with a timeless grace as she maneuvered through the hallways. Her thoughts drifting often as they did to muddled times of the past and future overlapping themselves. Her hands filled with paperwork. Most of the papers contents were of her research. Mugen was the epi-center of the floral invasion, and Setsuna had worked her way through to be apart of the front lines on how to deal with the devastation.

Taking on her persona here on Earth, choosing to be employed at Mugen was not just a random choice, she needed to be close. Something bigger was coming. Much like a chess board, all the players were viding for their position.

The Bishop

The Two Knights

The Queen

The Ki...

Setsuna snapped out of her daze suddenly, a waterfall of folders and paperwork falling all around her as she felt the pressure hit her in the shoulder. It wasn't enough to knock her down but it was enough to loosen her grip. Cherry coloured eye focused on the two students who rushed pass her. Both were late for class, shouting formalities as they continued on their way. Dark green hair cascaded over her body and she knelt down and slowly started to gather her belongings.

Tag: @Mamoru Chiba
*can't imagine Mamo would pass on the opportunity to be a gentleman and offer a hand*
May 15 2017, 07:44 PM
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May 2 2017, 10:02 PM

<br><center><div style="background-color: #fff; padding: 10px; width: 500px; border: #eee solid 1px;">

<div class="apptitle">Setsuna Meiou</div>

<div style="margin-left: -3px;"><table><tr><td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="width: 180px; height: 190px; background-image: url(http://www.geocities.ws/missderushie/plutomanga2.jpg); background-size: cover;"></div></a></div> </td>

<td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="background-color: #fff; border: #eee solid 1px; padding: 10px; width: 254px; height: 168px; overflow: auto; line-height: 100%; font-size: 7px;" class="app">

<div class="appfields1">SAILOR PLUTO</div>

<div class="appfields2">18 (PHYSICALLY, BUT IS AGELESS)</div>

<div class="appfields2">OCTOBER 29</div>

<div class="appfields2">MUGEN RESEARCH ASSISTANT </div>

<div class="appfields2"> OUTER SENSHI/ GUARDIAN SPACE-TIME DOOR</div>

<div class="appfields2">SETSUNA MEIOU ( SAILOR MOON ) </div>

</div> </div></td></tr>


<div class="apptitle">POWERS / ABILITIES </div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
<LI>Dead Scream - the Garnet Rod seems collects its power from Hades himself to form an offensive blast of energy toward an enemy </LI>
<LI>Chronos Typhoon - The mystical talisman of Pluto, the Garnet Orb sits on top of the Garnet Rod. This attack calls upon the winds of Chronos to form a powerful typhoon strong enough to threaten an enemy, or protect with a powerful force field</LI>
<LI>Dark Dome Close - Gifted with the powers of her guardian deity, Chronos himself allows Pluto to close the Space-Time Door and various inter-dimensional corridors from a distance.</LI>


<div class="apptitle">PERSONALITY & GOALS</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
Setsuna is calm, controlled, with an unwavering loyalty to the ones close to her. This stems from her responsibility of protecting the flow of space-time continuum for her entire existence. Guarding the gates and watching the lives of the Silver Millennium, Crystal Tokyo and that of the people of earth has been her very lonely life. <p>
Often she is found just watching and observing, not because interacting with people is hard for Setsuna. No, mostly because she doesn’t want to interfere with the path they had set for themselves. Disrupting the direction one chooses ( good or bad ) should not be influenced by others. She is very accepting of the flow of space-time, the beginning and the end of all things, her biggest hope is to make sure everything is working properly and Chaos is not in control and messing everything up.<P>
As Sailor Pluto, Setsuna has been bestowed with immense wisdom and judgment skills ( King Endymion himself praised her for it ) because of this she can come across as a ruthless Senshi. She is the only thing standing on the threshold between humanity and the monsters who dare try to enter. Pluto strictly follows the laws, eliminating any intruders who dare come in search of the gates of time, stating " All who break the taboo must be eliminated." She falls under the same category as her other Outer Senshi counterparts, is to use any means necessary to complete her mission. <p>

Setsuna's pure heart holds one weakness no one would know about. Children. Having children of her own is not an option with her life devoted to her duties, but she always found herself connected to them. Little hearts bursting at the seams with life and love. They have nothing but their future ahead of them, the possibilities hold no boundaries, this was something perhaps Setsuna was envious of, but never showed.

<div class="apptitle">HISTORY</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
When existence and non-existence were first being defined to each other, Cosmos began to spring from chaos, the god Chronos formed the space-time continuum so that their could be order in the Cosmos. But Chaos and its minion sought to exploit Space-Time to help tear up Cosmos. <p>
Born to the Silver Millennium was the girl with the blood of Chronos. Appointed by Queen Serenity herself to protect all of Space-time and the people who existed within it. Pluto lives a life of solidarity and isolation, no one is to know of her very existence other than the Royal Family of Silver Tokyo, Neo Queen Serenity and her family. Whispers have always swirled of the secret guardian of the gates, but only few have seen her true form. <p>
She is the guardian and gatekeeper of Space-time, preventing any form traveling through time and messing up with the stream. She has proven herself with such a heavy bearing task, using any means necessary to complete her soul mission<p>
Watching from afar the devastation the alien plants were having on the planet plagued Sailor Pluto with worry. Her concerns grew even more when the infamous Professor Tomoe had opened up his state of the art research facility. He was already a great concern for the guardian senshi, and the fact he had now connected himself with the alien plant life, this only solidified her decision to come to earth. <p>
Entrusting the gates to Plutos companion Diana she took on her persona Setsuna and enrolled into the prestigious school. Setting herself up to work side by side with the head of the research department. She didn't have access to everything, that was saved for people higher then herself. With time it was something Setsuna had more then enough to focus and gather as much information as she could as well as keep an eye on the few people she had to. <p>


<div class="apptitle">SAMPLE WRITING</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
One thing was for certain, The rules were never to be broken. <p>

Rule#1 As guardian of the Space-Time door, one must remain at their station at all times <p>

Traveling to earth to watch over the other emerging Senshi was more important right now. Saddened, cherry coloured eyes have watched what seemed like a million lifetimes pass as she lowered her gaze from the blue heavens to the green earth below her feet. She sat quietly to herself, as often she would. Thoughts drifting to her only companion Diana, who so graciously offered to cover her post while she could come to earth. Leaving such a daunting task to such a small creature wasn’t ideal, but she was called here. She couldn’t sit back and watch the earth be covered in poisonous flower pollin. Leaving her post was the only option she could see and she answered the call. <p>

On Earth she created her persona Setsuna Meiou, a research assistant at KO University, then transferring quickly to Mugen Academy. It was her ground zero. State of the art reascrech facility, endless resources she could be at the forefront of this attack and be one of the few who would be getting the newest information as it was coming in. This is where she could stay hidden from the others ( as best as she can :) ) while still contributing in her own way. Above all the flow of time and the events that followed must remain, she was not here to hinder what was to happen, more to help move it along and protect the ones she has watched her entire life.<p>
This made her heart full, this gave her a rush of purpose more than the lifetimes she had lived alone watching. This right now, was where she needed to be above all else. <p>

Rule# 2 The Guardian is never travel through time <p>

Her thoughts drifted, as they often do. She was constantly trapped between parallel universes, visions of past and present overlapping themselves. It would only take her a second, a few blinks, or to someone paying more attention a small burrow in her brow, for Setsuna to focus on the current time frame she was in. Memories now started to fade in and out of her time with Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady and lastly King Endymion. She only dares let her thoughts travel for a moment, before refocusing, her face pained with a sad smile. <p>

Delicate nimble fingers now aimlessly fiddling with the newspaper in her hand. (Often Setsuna was found reading the news to help her focus which timeframe she was currently in.) Everyone has been reincarnated, they all are either just starting or still trying to figure out their path as Sailor Senshi. This made Setsuna soul soar. It was heartbreaking for the lonely solider to watch as everything fell to ruin and not be able to do anything about it. Seeing everyone now flourish was a long time coming, and had strongly influenced her decision to leave her post and come to earth to offer her help in what little ways she could. Fighting alongside her comrades has always been a dream to her, and breaking Rule#1 … and Rule#2 were simply a bi product of that decision. <p>

Rule# 3 …. <p>

Well Rules were made to be broken, right?

<div class="apptitle3" style="margin-top: 3px;">*Tara, 29, Atlantic Time Zone , Google search, RPG-D, etc.)* </div></div></div></div>

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