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Jun 22 2017, 11:15 PM
It was less than efficient, but Haruka really needed to get out of her dirty clothes, thanks to the previous night's thunderstorm. Haruka returned to Torio 3 and her apartment to gather some clean attire. She carried the "gift" for Usagi's friends on the way up to keep them safe. Haruka went and bought some extra goodies for them. Tennou money could be put to better use keeping spirits up rather than just having Mugen funded.

After a quick (though indulgently longer than what she had in the camps) shower and a change to clean clothes, Haruka returned to her bike and sped off onto the sparse roads. Thankfully the camp she headed towards now was a little closer from Usagi's. With a rucksack full of sweets, Haruka sped off towards another camp of the displaced population of Tokyo.

Haruka approached the open gate slowly, waving at the police guard and explaining her intentions. She promised to deliver them to a Makoto Kino, a friend of Usagi's. While not the usual confectionery Haruka would like, even the smallest comfort could bring a semblance of normalcy in these troubled times. Haruka also never broke a promise.

Usagi Tsukino. Haruka could still feel the bunny's presence linger over her. She could still feel Usagi's warmth on her body, the smell of her long blonde hair, and the taste that clung on to Haruka's lips... Did she go too far? That conflict did not seem to have a proper resolution. Her thoughts still turned to Michiru, but now they turned to Usagi as well. What Haruka sought with the maiden of the depths she could not have, while Usagi was more than willing to share such. Her invasive memories decided to take a back seat as issues of the heart now took front and centre.

This was beyond the ken of Haruka. All of her life she focused on her dreams while simultaneously refusing the call of destiny. There was never any consideration for love.

Haruka sighed as she parked her bike. Taking off her helmet and setting it on the seat. Things were getting too complicated too quickly. She needed to focus, and right now she was going to move towards dropping off Usagi's gift. First, she needed to find Makoto Kino.

Of too one of the far walls of the camp stood a small moving truck covered in a fine layer of pollen and dust, as if the vehicle was not used in a while. People moved from the residencies past the truck to go about their lives, or what little they could that resembled everyday life. Haruka approached them, hoping one of them knew Makoto Kino.

"Excuse me," Haruka said as she walked up to some folks. "I'm looking for Makoto Kino. I have something from a friend of hers."

Tag: Makoto Kino
Jun 16 2017, 02:20 AM
Sitting in same long abandoned music room Haruka shared with Neptune the other day, Haruka appeared to be lost in thought, her arms crossed and her brow furrowed. She sat on the bench in front of the beautiful grand piano, but could not bring herself to play a single note. Her hands always drifting to the first note of the song that nearly broke her last time. Her inner thoughts were already a confusing mess with everything that was going on in this lifetime. She did not need the memories of a past life to cause her grief right now.

Yet still her thoughts drifted there, to the name Thalassa, and to the other name that sounded so alien as to be intelligible to her own ears. That name, that word; she needed to learn it. The answers did not come in her memories, and now those thoughts and feelings invaded her sleep through nightmares. Too many questions. Not enough answers.

Never mind how the floral alien Fiore was captured by five women who came from Mugen itself. Haruka still had the access card the redhead dropped on her person, though she did not know if she should use it. An important key such as that would no doubt be tracked. The moment she used it, there was a good chance she would be found out. Haruka would need a plan to tackle that obstacle.

Staying here with the piano would not help. The keys almost seemed to mock her. Closing the piano keys and collecting her things. She left the music room and simply... wandered. For some reason she thought of the mystery senshi, the guardian of time Sailor Pluto. She knew much more than she let on, and it was this font of knowledge that Uranus wanted to tap into. Somehow she would have to appeal to Pluto for such knowledge. That was the hard part.

Soon Haruka found herself in the main hub of Mugen, where students came in and out. Haruka shook her head. Maybe she should get some lunch. A little food would help her think.

After all, she was going to set out to find someone who found her. How would she even begin to look for Sailor Pluto?

Tag: Setsuna Meiou
May 28 2017, 01:51 AM
Night would still linger for many more hours, giving the moon and the stars that joined it plenty of time to shine. With many of the streetlights shut off, Haruka looked up to see a veritable blanket of stars. They shone so brightly like diamonds. How did Haruka never notice them before? The simple sight took Haruka's breath away. The lights of Mugen prevented such sights to be seen. Only the brightest stars could be made out at night, but here? They all dazzled splendidly.

Which was more than the pair of late night riders could say. Drenched from the rain, the two looked like a sorry sight but at least they were safe. As if to mock them, the rain stopped soon after they arrived at the camp. The adrenaline rush Haruka felt earlier finally lapsed and fatigue soon set in. Still, she maintained her confident stance for Usagi. She needed to appear strong at least, and remain a pillar for Usagi to lean on.

"Well, we're here," Haruka said as she looked around the camp. The place must have been much more livelier during the day. At night, only a few people remained, mostly security, medical staff, and the occasional wanderer. Already the differences between here and Torio 3 were stark, but Haruka knew they would become much more apparent in the light of the sun.

"You should get back to your family, Usagi-chan," Haruka said as she turned to the girl with the odango hair. "I'm sure they're worried sick. Try to get warm or you'll catch an illness."

Haruka looked around the camp. Where was she to lay her head down tonight? She could find a place to transform into Sailor Uranus and use her enhanced speed and agility to rush back to Torio 3, but that would raise more suspicions from Usagi that Haruka left her bike in the middle of the night. Besides, she wanted to see how the people lived in the camp. That meant staying here for a spell.

She looked Usagi in her bright blue eyes once again. There was something mesmerising about them. Something pure. Something Haruka wanted to protect. "You would not know I place where I can stay the night, Usagi-chan? I'll also need my jacket back, please: it might be my only blanket tonight."

Tag: Usagi Tsukino
May 20 2017, 02:40 PM
Haruka Tenou - - - Sailor Uranus

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May 15 2017, 02:51 AM
Eighty-eight keys on a grand piano. Fifty-two white, thirty-six black. They remained untouched, their song remaining silent ever since Haruka entered the room of which the great instrument stood. Haruka sat on the bench in front of it, arms crossed as she considered what she wanted to practice on. She learned many melodies over the years and even though she did not practice with any goal of being a pianist. More she played for the sake of others; those others being her mother.

She considered playing a jaunty Joplin jingle, but could not bring her fingers to start. It just did not seem right to play The Entertainer at this time. The gloom that hung over Tokyo did not give much credence for such a song. Instead she sat in the same lull as the piano, both not moving, both silent. Haruka sighed. She just could not get into the right mindset. There was just too much going on for her to start plucking away at the ivory keys.

For starters, her mind raced while she sat still about the events that transpired the other night. How Michiru as Sailor Neptune called to Uranus for help against the flowers. How Uranus took up the proverbial banner. How another senshi who knew far too much appeared and disappeared after imparting vague knowledge. All in all, a rather illuminating if befuddling night. Who was that mysterious senshi? Where were the others? How were they to defeat the floral apocalypse?

All questions that could only wait another day. What could not wait was Haruka's own thoughts on Michiru. Still her thoughts were haunted by the sea maiden's visage. What bothered her today was not her infatuation flaring up and distracting her, but a realization.

They were Sailor Senshi and according to the mysterious woman were to act as defenders against the tree and its minions. This meant they would face deadly foes and lethal threats on a regular basis. The last thing she wanted was to see Michiru in danger or worse, if any harm would befall her. Doubt rose once more within Haruka. Could she protect Michiru as well as combat the threat? Was it even possible?

Again, something she would have to deal with when the time came. But that did not mean the thoughts did not remain. She needed a distraction.

Haruka thought of all the songs she was taught and one came to mind almost immediately. Odd, how easy that song came to her. Almost as if her fingers danced those steps along the alabaster path a dozen times before. She did not need the sheet music to play it. It resonated in her heart, yet she did not know why. With the stroke of a key, Haruka began to play.

Suite bergamasque. Claude Debussy. Clair de lune. A song inspired by a poem, as many where. A melody of longing, of joy and melancholy in equal measure. Haruka knew this all too well. It was why she played. Maybe if the piano gave her feelings song, she could finally push them away.

She did not get her hopes up.

Tag: Michiru Kaiou
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