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Fumiko Amaya


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May 10 2017, 02:23 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css"> .caer-1 {width: 280px; margin: auto; background: url(https://subtlepatterns.com/patterns/crossword.png); border: solid 1px #efefef; padding: 5px;} .caer-2 { background: #f9f9f9; border: solid 1px #efefef; padding: 5px; } .caer-3 {width: 245px; margin: auto; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px; background: #fff; padding: 5px; border: solid 1px #e9e9e9; } .caer-4 { width: 245px; margin: auto; background: #fff; margin-bottom: 5px; padding: 5px; border: solid 1px #e9e9e9;} .caer-5 {width: 235px; margin: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: 'Calibri', sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #222; letter-spacing: .05px; line-height: 13px;} .caer-5 b {font-size: 12px; color: #eaa6a6; /* ACCENT */ } .caer-6 {width: 247px;
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Fumiko smiled a bit as she walked down the dock, her bag sling loosely over her shoulder as she lead Akane and Natsumi towards the yacht, which she noted was oddly devoid of any pollen despite the dock having quite a bit of it on it. The place was alive with people, most wearing JMSDF uniforms, which of course were kind of hot. A man in uniform, especially with how fit they all were? There were a few outliers here and there, but a girl could goggle when she wanted to, right? The young entertainer grinned and offered each who looked their way a friendly smile, glancing back to her friends, who she wanted to make sure knew the rules her father had set in place by going over them one last time. They were technically boarding what was currently being used as a research vessel, even if it was one of the larger family yachts.<p>

<b>"So, just so we are clear. After boarding the only place we are going to be allowed is the upper deck. The yacht is being used to research... something. I mean.... I know what it's being used for but I can't quite say, not even to my friends. I only know because my brother suggested it and trusts me."</b> She turned around, walking backwards as she smiled at her friends. At least they could relax away from the usual suffering, right? It wasn't like Mugen had any place to truly relax outside of private quarters. She smiled and spun back around, raising her arms to the yacht.<p>

<b>"Any who, this is one of the biggest yachts my father owns. We used to use it to go to our private island, but considering it's outside of the allowed travel space it's not possible anymore. We may not be able to go anywhere on it but at least we can relax on the sundeck and check out the cute sailor boys."</b> She grinned before shrugging a bit. <b>"It's not much but at least we can get away from all of this for a bit. Just happy my brother and father are letting us relax."</b></div></div>

<div class="caer-6">N/A</div>

<center><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=20"><span style="font: bold 9px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align: center;">❤</span></a></center>[/dohtml]
Apr 3 2017, 12:20 PM
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<h1>fumiko amaya</h1>

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<h3>sixteen . student at mugen . neutral/unaffiliated</h3>
<hr />
This frisky, hyper active girl is the daughter of a business man and actor, leading to her face being fairly well known. Though she doesn't quite use this to her advantage all the time, she will when need be and has used it to get out of trouble in the past.
Don't let her looks fool you though, thanks to her mom she is good at hand to hand,
meaning she doesn't take kindly to being shoved around much. She can be moody and hides her emotions a lot from people, meaning that most people just see the front she puts on and not the girl underneath.<p>


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Be it because of her parents or her own, outgoing personality, it is extremely easy for her to make friends. Once she gets close to you be prepared for an overprotective, somewhat overbearing friend at times. She is loyal though and tries to be the best person she can be towards those she's close to. <p>
Enemies are just as easy for her to come by as friends. Her outgoing personality results in the occasional clique wars, ya know the average high school stuff. She doesn't necessarily enjoy this kind of stuff but refuses to back down from a challenge and possibly gain a new rival or two.<p>
The last thing that should be mentioned is that she is bisexual, both boys and girls interest her equally so she has no qualms flirting with either party, whether they like it or not. This can lead to potentially awkward situations at the same time though so have fun. ;P



Apr 1 2017, 03:01 AM

<br><center><div style="background-color: #fff; padding: 10px; width: 500px; border: #eee solid 1px;">

<div class="apptitle">Fumiko Amaya</div>

<div style="margin-left: -3px;"><table><tr><td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="width: 180px; height: 190px; background-image: url(http://i.imgur.com/O23LkY9.jpg); background-size: cover;"></div></a></div> </td>

<td><div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div style="background-color: #fff; border: #eee solid 1px; padding: 10px; width: 254px; height: 168px; overflow: auto; line-height: 100%; font-size: 7px;" class="app">

<div class="appfields1">LUX</div>

<div class="appfields2">SIXTEEN</div>

<div class="appfields2">SEPTEMBER 29 (LIBRA)</div>

<div class="appfields2">STUDENT</div>

<div class="appfields2">NEUTRAL/UNAFFILIATED</div>

<div class="appfields2">NAKIRI ERINA (SHOKUGEKI NO SOUMA) </div>

</div> </div></td></tr>


<div class="apptitle">POWERS / ABILITIES </div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
<LI>EMPATHY<p>- An innate ability to sense the emotions of those around her. This ability, as of now, has very little impact, really only leading to Fumiko being able to tell if someone is distressed in some fashion or extremely happy, though not exactly knowing why. Seeing as she doesn't understand this she does, on occassion, receive more emotions than intended, leading to headaches from a slight overload.</LI>
<LI>EMOTION EMPOWERMENT<p>- As she reaches highs with emotions she gains strength, often times in faster and stronger physical abilities. Though this has minimal, if any affect currently there are slim signs of it, mostly when extremely angered or excited.</LI>
<LI>LIGHT WEAPONRY<p>- She can form martial weaponry out of light, such as fans and staffs. She currently has no access at all to this side of her abilities.</LI>

<div class="apptitle">PERSONALITY & GOALS</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
Fumiko is normally a fun loving, bubbly girl when you first meet her. She is fairly confident in her abilities and body, often times leading to a fairly cocky nature and refusal to admit that she has faults that can, at times, cripple her. Unless someone outright insult her or gets on her nerves, there's a good chance that the young singer will be fairly friendly towards a person. Despite this, she is not at all afraid to make an enemy or two, never shying away from the conflict that can ensue from having such a rival, actually enjoying the banter at times, or if it goes as far, a fight. She is constantly on the move, hating to sit still for too long unless she is resting or enjoying the sunlight leading to her love of dance, and to an extent martial arts. Around friends she can often be seen as the life of the party, always looking for ways to make life more exciting for those around her.
The young singer is loyal almost to a fault to her friends and family. She will drop everything for a loved one in need, no matter what it is that she needs to abandon or is in the middle of. If someone back-stabs her she will give them multiple chances. Fumiko is also surprisingly smart, despite being called an idiot by previous members of the battle front who are no longer with the group be it either via death or other departures. Her test grades are not anything to scoff at, regularly acing tests and having never had anything lower than an 85 in a class. This doesn't mean she doesn't have her airhead moments though, seeing as she's always had a decent social life. Her favorite subjects are math and science, though anything art related she holds close to her heart as well.
The girl does have a somewhat darker side that normally only her enemies or the overly stubborn injured person see, for she can be a bit manipulative. This side of her shows a bit rarely, though it does come out every now and again. Due to her innate powers having very slim effects on her, emotions have greater extremes, often getting a bit snippy if things go the wrong way or being surprisingly clingy if she's feeling lovey dovey. Due to the number of headaches she suffers from people often times worry that she's addicted to or starting to get addicted to pain medications. Those who think they are better than others is one of her biggest pet peeves, the girl often times going to great lengths just to prove that a person isn't the best at something, even spending hours training or studying to at least achieve their level of success.
As far as goals go, her biggest goal is not to let her parents down, though she has decided she wants to try to get into the entertainment industry in one way or another, most likely acting or singing.

<div class="apptitle">HISTORY</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
During the time of the Silver Millennium, Aura Calvare was a Venusian noble known for her uncanny ability to pick up on other people's emotions. She lived the high life, though always tried to keep a good heart. This is how she lived up until the time when the kingdoms collapsed, being sent to be reborn into a new life a time later.
In the modern day, Fumiko Amaya was born to a pair of high-school sweethearts, her father (Satoru Amaya) in line to inherit a major technology company while her mother (Keiko Amaya) had been able to break out into the entertainment industry after years of being a martial arts master. Even with the two's busy lives they always took time out of their busy lives to take care of the young Fumiko, raising her with strong family values and spoiling her rotten, the girl getting pretty much anything she wanted that was within reason.
Her life, for the most part, was uneventful. She went to school, going to TA as soon as she was old enough to start building up her knowledge base. She proved, eventually, to take after her mother in personality, quickly growing a large group of friends (partially due to her mother's fame). She practiced Jiu Jitsu, her mother's martial art and the person she learned most of her martial arts from, as a past time in order to keep in shape. She also set about creating a unique identity for herself past her bright, violet eyes and long blonde hair, adding highlights to set herself a part from the average person on the streets, wanting to stand out from the rest of the crowd and
Her life took a sharp change once the flowers showed up initially and Mugen was constructed. Seeing Mugen as a curious, yet advantageous place to be, she started working harder in school, making sure to land within the top students for the next test, applying aptly, with her parent's permission, to Mugen, even if her parents could have easily afforded to send her there anyways. Shortly after getting in and getting a schedule set, which included a dance class she found herself curious about, the florapocalypse hit. Though she has stayed safe thanks to Mugen, that hasn't kept her from worrying about her parents. Sure, they had plenty of money and could last several years off of their reserves, that didn't mean that they were completely safe in their small mansion. Not to mention what would happen after things improved, such as whether or not Amaya Corp would be able to get back up off the ground quickly.</div></div>

<div class="apptitle">SAMPLE WRITING</div>
<div style="background-color: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px;"><div class="app">
Fumiko yawned lazily as she walked through the checkpoint on her way out of Mugen. Today she had a break from the every day hustle and bustle of the ever active school working towards finding a solution to the ever growing threat of flower takeover. She slipped her badge away, stretching a bit as she walked, glancing around at the people milling about. She was alone today, which got a few confused looks from onlookers. Normally when the girl was out and about she was accompanied by a group of friends or at the very least a cute boy.
Today was not that kind of day for the girl though, who had chosen to go on a small adventure all on her own. Sure, things weren't exactly safe but she was confident enough in what her mother taught her that even if she couldn't talk her way out of a situation she could at least get out of a fight. With these thoughts crossing her mind it didn't surprise her when she felt a tap on her shoulder, the girl looking casually over her shoulder, flipping her hair out of the way of the movement before smiling, spinning lightly and wrapping the person who tapped her in a hug.
"Ah, Chie-chan! I didn't know you were out and about today, you could have called me or something." Chie smiled brightly at the girl as the two broke their embrace, taking a step back each. "How's the family? Are they all doing all right? I know this hasn't been easy on you, your family didn't exactly have the same reserves as mine."
"Things could be better," responded the brunette with a sigh, shaking her head. "Living in a camp with rations is hard, it's not like I was able to get into Mugen like you, my grades were never that high."
The statements brought a frown to Fumiko's lips, her eyes settling firmly on her friend. "Why didn't you tell me sooner? I could have started funneling some extra funds from myself to you and start getting you better food whenever possible," she held up a hand, noticing the beginning of a protest from her friend. "Nope, you don't get a say in this. As long as I am breathing and able to help I will help you. Now what exactly is it that you need?"

<div class="apptitle3" style="margin-top: 3px;">*SKY, TWENTY-THREE, EST, DISCORD/PM, KAYLALALA* </div></div></div></div>

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