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 May Updates !
Cosmos Guardian
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 07:57 PM
∞ years old
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Wow what a busy month! We are continuing to grow our community and welcoming new friends everyday. Here's a quick run down on some of the great things we have going on here!


Events are still ongoing! Some are nearing the end, so please be mindful and post in your event threads to progress them.

New Features!

In addition to chapter events, sweet serenity will be releasing optional missions for characters to participate in. Missions are new ways to have your character influence the outcome of the story. Keep your eyes peeled for mission opportunities soon! In addition to the missions feature, we have recently unveiled new items. The list is constantly growing. Find out how to add some powerful accessories to your character HERE

OOC Fun + Games!

Our community has been rapidly growing thanks to the efforts of all you lovely writers ♥ With so many new members, I figured it was time to hold some community events to get to know each other.

STREAM NIGHT! • it's baaack! Cinco de Mayo edition! Hang out with us as we watch a special selection of Sailor Moon episodes from the original anime. We will be live on THURSDAY, MAY 4 AT 11:00PM. An reminder announcement will go up closer to this date.

BEST DRESSED CONTEST! • mosey on over to the Game Forums to check out the Best Dressed Cotillion contest. (Hint, it involves a lot of cutness! ♥) Enter for the chance to win this lovely award !

WRITING CONTEST! • ...or maybe dress up isn't your thing? Why don't you check out the writing competition instead? Participants have the chance to win this great award!


Some obligatory things worth mentioning - member awards are functional again. Sorry for the delay on that. If you are missing an award, please post in this thread to notify me.

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