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 Flashback : Dying Light
Minako Aino
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 12:36 PM
years old
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show me a hero
Queen Selene was dead.

Venus and the moon were close allies. They were two shining beauties, complimenting and contrasting. Now there was no room for comparison. Even in death, the queen of the moon was ethereal. Her face looked as if at any moment silver lashes would part to reveal her cheerful eyes.

The north of the palace grounds was encased in a large glacier were the senshi of Mercury battled. That meant they had some time, but not much.

The queen's body lay dead in the center of the ruins of her fallen kingdom, curled up peacefully. Venus, in contract, was mangled with gore and dirt. The face with the beauty of the goddess of love was scraped to hell. Her uniform was so ripped, tattered, and marked by blood that it may have fallen from her body completely.

"It’s my fault, your majesty..." she brushed she brush absentmindedly at the dampening silver hair of the queen, clinging to her tighter when the wind kicked up, some instinctual reflex unhindered by the lack of life in the body that remained. "I failed the Moon Kingdom. I should have trained harder...We all needed to be more well rounded, I knew it, and yet..."

Her eyes drew to the blazing inferno in the east, the senshi of Mars was making a pyre of the frontlines. Venus knew she couldn’t hold them alone for long.

Kythira pounded her fist to the ground causing rubble to fly. “Stupid. Stupid! I failed you from the beginning!” Blond wet matted hair blew into her face, breaking the concentration from bearing her soul for just a moment. She thought about the Heavenly Kings. Did they go willingly? Had the demonic redheaded earth witch brainwashed them into submission? Did she force Kunzite or did he make the decision on his own. She had failed them all.

The Moon Kingdom destroyed in one fell swoop.

Bits of rock and debris flew in the air, biting at Kythira’s already raw wet arms. The was enough eind and pouring rain now that through her shock she felt shivers of cold. She pulled the dead body of the queen up into her arms and turned her back to the wind. Some part of her knew it was useless, the Queen no longer felt such things as cold. She just had so little to hold onto...

The persistent wind began to howl, thunder, and lightning crashed and it was the need to find shelter that made the senshi move. With the wind gusting stronger, she assumed that Jupiter was ravaging Nehelenia’s armies. The new purpose filled her. She waited until the storm died down before setting the Queen’s body back down. She refused to let an enemy discover her body. Nehelenia - that fucking dead moon witch would not get her hands on Selene, even in death, she would make sure of it.

The lill in the storm was a blessing and a hindrance. On the one hand it allowed her the advantage of hearing someone approaching her from behind. Kythira whipped around, holding her golden girdle in one hand and the holy blade of the moon in the other. The senshi’s deadly gaze turned golden. “Who goes there!?” And her heart broke when she saw who it was.


and i will write you a tragedy
tag : Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino
 Posted: May 18 2017, 04:00 PM
Usagi Tsukino
Inner Senshi
14 years old
Love + Moonlight
Sailor Moon
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Would you trust me when you're jumping from the heights? Would you fall in the name of love?
Serenity stood leaning against the balcony of her chamber, clutching the marble railing for support in the once splendid Moon Palace. The light of day was silently devoured by the horizon line and the sky radiated a scarlet glow. Serenity, the last monarch of the Moon Kingdom, stared into the distance. The kingdom she lived her peaceful life in was turned into a bloody war boiling out between the Dead Moon, Earth, and the Moon. Sailor Venus forced the remaining guards to stay with Serenity in the castle before rushing off to the front lines. When their enemy struck the guards fled or were killed and the princess was all alone. Serenity focused her eyes on the extravagant fountain planted in the center of the palace and tried not to think about the possibility of them all dying.

Serenity suddenly felt faint and began swaying backwards. She could feel it in her heart. Something was not right.

The princess' tiny feet couldn't carry her fast enough. She sprinted through the palace's corridors, hearing the sounds of swords clashing and warriors screaming down the halls. Terrified, she sped up her pace until she burst through the palace doors. The sight of her bloodied kingdom was worse than she imagined... An abundance of red streamed through the palace's trademark white. The Moon Palace was supposed to be a shimmering beacon of light, not this.

Her white strapless gown trailed the floor as she slowly walked, the bottom of it starting to get stained in red. I must be dreaming... Serenity thought to herself as she walked in silence. The streets were empty and lifeless. A sudden cold breeze blew across her body and she shivered, looking up at the earth in the distance. She wondered about her precious Prince Endymion. Her heart longed for him. The winds only got colder.

Serenity started to run at full speed. Where was everyone? The kingdom was completely empty. Bodies dissipated, leaving no trace of the Lunarians at all. Their presence disappeared, leaving a void in place of the once beautiful land.

A storm was howling. Serenity knew that it had to be Callisto, the Princess of Jupiter fighting at the front lines. What about the others? What about the queen?

Suddenly the Great Fire from Mars burned near her, and a heart-wrenching feeling coursed through the princess to know that Mars had survived. Jupiter. Mars. Okay, she only had to find the others and the queen.

Serenity stumbled into an area of destructed land where crumbling pillars made poor shelter. The storm raged on. She could see a figure in the distance and knew instantly it was Venus. Happily, she ran towards her. The closer she got the more of the truth she was able to see... Venus was not alone and alone at the same time. A corpse beside her.

Finally Serenity connected her heart and soul, and in that instant, pain and anguish finally registered when she saw her. The Queen. Her skin paler than snow. Next to her was Kythira, leader of the senshi and her closest friend. There was a hardness and maturity in Kythira's eyes that was never apparent before. Serenity knew then she had lost her forever.

Only a single tear escaped her closed eyes, as she felt the pain of the death of whom she must worship die. 'Mama...' Her mind was telling her it has happened, she could feel the power of the crystal transferred to her, but eyes and heart couldn't accept it. 'Is that... but... why...'

Serenity opened her eyes and tried to see through the blur of the tears. It was true. Selene was dead. Kythira looked at her with pity and pain across her face. Serenity was violently shaking, panicked and heartbroken. Suddenly, she darted towards her mother's lifeless body hysterical. 'PLEASE, MAMA NO!'

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