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 Ocean Cruise, Natsumi, Akane
Fumiko Amaya
 Posted: May 10 2017, 02:23 PM
Fumiko Amaya
Sixteen years old
Student (Mugen)
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Fumiko smiled a bit as she walked down the dock, her bag sling loosely over her shoulder as she lead Akane and Natsumi towards the yacht, which she noted was oddly devoid of any pollen despite the dock having quite a bit of it on it. The place was alive with people, most wearing JMSDF uniforms, which of course were kind of hot. A man in uniform, especially with how fit they all were? There were a few outliers here and there, but a girl could goggle when she wanted to, right? The young entertainer grinned and offered each who looked their way a friendly smile, glancing back to her friends, who she wanted to make sure knew the rules her father had set in place by going over them one last time. They were technically boarding what was currently being used as a research vessel, even if it was one of the larger family yachts.

"So, just so we are clear. After boarding the only place we are going to be allowed is the upper deck. The yacht is being used to research... something. I mean.... I know what it's being used for but I can't quite say, not even to my friends. I only know because my brother suggested it and trusts me." She turned around, walking backwards as she smiled at her friends. At least they could relax away from the usual suffering, right? It wasn't like Mugen had any place to truly relax outside of private quarters. She smiled and spun back around, raising her arms to the yacht.

"Any who, this is one of the biggest yachts my father owns. We used to use it to go to our private island, but considering it's outside of the allowed travel space it's not possible anymore. We may not be able to go anywhere on it but at least we can relax on the sundeck and check out the cute sailor boys." She grinned before shrugging a bit. "It's not much but at least we can get away from all of this for a bit. Just happy my brother and father are letting us relax."

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