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 Rules, » Mandatory Read
Cosmos Guardian
 Posted: Jul 7 2016, 09:09 PM
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  • about - sweet serenity is an intermediate Sailor Moon roleplaying community. As an intermediate board, we do stress literacy and the building of personally constructed plots.
  • rating - as a Sailor Moon board, we will, at times, present themes that are common within the anime/manga lore. While we try to cater to all audiences, please expect mild violence, dark themes, and topics of political, religious, and philosophical nature.Mature and adult themes (i.e., strong sexuality, graphic violence, rape, and incest) are not allowed and X-Rated material is strictly banned.)
  • decorum - this is a friendly, open community for writers. The staff will not tolerate any disrespect between members or towards administration. Please do not use the forum (including the private messaging system) or the chatbox as your personal soapbox. If you are being bothered by a members, CONTACT US immediately. We have an ANONYMOUS COMMENT BOX you may also use if you want to remain anonymous.
  • graphics - members are allowed to upload 250x400 sized avatars. We do not allow graphic signatures. Please give credit to the creators. Do not lift graphics from the ss community without permission.
  • plagiarism - No form of plagiarism will be tolerated on this website. That being said, please give credit where it is due!!
  • Gameplay

  • joining - please register with your character’s FIRST & LAST name, in proper capitalization.
  • portrayals - ss allows the use of anime/manga portrayals ONLY. We do not accept Live Action, actresses, or model portrayals. Major Sailor Moon canons cannot change their portrayals.
  • applying - to apply, you must complete our APPLICATION TEMPLATE. Applications should be submitted in the third person and preterit tense.
    • WIPs - Work in Progress (WIP) applications will be given a period of 5 days before being deemed abandoned and moved to the archives. If you require more time, kindly let us know! Important canons cannot be reserved or at WIP status for an extended amount of time.
  • acceptance - once your application is reviewed and stamped by a staff member, you may begin posting. Please be open to constructive criticism from administration, we only want to make sure you will fit in well here :)
  • Canons

  • We accept canons from the anime, manga, musical, or unique canons from our CANON LIST.
  • Canons should remain as close to canonical characterization as possible. Please do not 'reimagine' canons as as the opposite gender, or change them in a way that is completely out-of-character for said individual.
  • Please note : when playing a major canon, the staff and members will expect you to be active and interact with others. (e.g., don't pick up Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon if you cannot meet activity requirements)
  • Etiquette

  • metagaming / godmodding - DON’T DO IT, DAMN.
  • activity - this is just a game, so we are very understanding of real life obligations. We have a lenient activity policy - to remain active, we ask that members post once every 15 days per character. (That is only twice a month, at the bare minimum). On the 15th day, you will receive a notice of inactivity. If you are unable to remain active, your character(s) may be archived. If you are going away, please let us know by posting an absence thread in the FRUITS PARLOR CROWN.
  • posting - we no longer have a word count, however, please do not respond to post with less than a paragraph. It's not fair to your fellow writers. Please post in third person, preterite tense.
  • chatbox - the chat is open to everyone. However, we ask that you veer away from controversial topics (e.g., politics, religion, strong sexual and graphic topics) in the chat. Be respectful and mindful of others. Also, the chat is NOT your personal diary. If you have any issues you’d like addressed, message them to a staff member.

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